Maniac Magee ” Legends Are Made Not Born”

maniac mageeHello and today will be talking to you about this book that I was reading and its called Maniac Magee. This book talks about a boy named Jeffrey Lionel Magee. Jeffrey Is twelve years old. Maniac was born in a house, a pretty ordinary house, right across the river in Bridgeport. He had a mother and a father , but not for long. His parents left him when he was very Young at the age of   three   and was an orphan. After his loss he went to his uncle and Aunts house. They lived in Holidaysburg, in the western part of Pennsylvania. Then Jeffrey ran away. Jeffrey wasnt a ordinairy kid. He was the first one to do a Frogball for an Inside the park home run bunt. Jeffrey scores forty nine touch downs when he plays football with the Continue reading


loser by jerry spinelli pictureWelcome to week 2 about book look thursday! For this week I will be talking to you about Loser from Jerry Spinelli and the cover art is by Mark Elliot. This book touched my heart when I started reading it because it talks about a boy named Zinkoff and the first day of school.

When I got this book I was very surprised about the name because it was kind of weird. The main characters name is Zinkoff. This book is like his diary. Its hard for him to have friends and he gets bullied a lot. Its like no one notices Zinkoff or they just ignore him. The setting is mostly at school. There is another book that touched my heart and that was Stargirl also from Jerry Spinelli. I really recommend this book because he goes through an adventure and mistakes in life. At the end he learned that not everyone can be popular or cool.

Image Source : Goodreads