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Hello my name is Destiny and welcome to my amazing and creative blog. Btw that is not my real name , my real name is… the world may never know only my friends and family and its pretty obvious that they should know my name.

I am 12 years old and I live in LaPrairie, Montreal. We  are proud to be a big family of 5 and I have a twin sister her name is Skylar and if you want to you can go and check her out J. I speak multiple languages but the third one not really but these are the languages that I speak: French, English and finally Italian.

You can see in my blog that I talk a lot about my Italian grandma because we make a lot of goodies and we just have so much fun with her and she actually comes from Italy. Now those are my moms parents but on my dads side I don’t really see them a lot because they live at least 2 hours starting from where I live. I will tell you some interesting fats about them so stay tuned!

Now its time for the things that I like. I love video games but my favorite thing in the world is SEWING!. My Italian grandma was actually a seamstress and she helped me make my apron which I actually made a blog post about that.

My two top favorite video games are Halo 5 and I also play a lot of this game and its Minecraft. The reason why I love playing this game is because it really lets your imagination run wild and that’s all in a video game!.

My favorite sport of all time is Track and field. I am really fast and I just love the way that it works just starting by the sprints. Now here are some interesting facts about my whole family: My dads parents have a sugar shack and the syrup is so good! I actually have cousins that are twins too so that’s pretty interesting.

My favorite quote of all times has to be “Always find the time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”. Now you may be asking Why do I love this quote so much? Well the reason behind it was that it makes me feel good and its true that you always have to be happy s keep your head up and live our lives to the fullest.

My dream… well one of them is to go to the mini Olympics in Track and Field. I know this is kind of crazy but I really want to go in the Olympics, work hard, be famous and meet other people and make them smile of laugh.

I do more free writing and talk about what new things that have happened in my life or things that I am exited about. I feel like there’s more micro posts that very very long big posts. As always I hope you like my posts or my blog and don’t be shy to always write comments.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Destiny, it’s Mikayla. I am so greatful that you’ve added me to your blogroll, that means so much. That is so cool that you can speak three languages( not so much Italian) The only language I speak is English. I think that it;s cool that you’ve set such a high goal for yourself to get into the mini Olympics. I play Basketball and Volleyball( If you didn’t already know that)

  2. Hi destiny! My name is Emily and I read most of your blog posts and they are amazing. I love how you write very fluent and express yourself. I am also 12 years old and live in California. My grandmother is not italian though but she also loves sewing. Did you know where you live has long human history stretching over 8,000 years. The video games I love is Black OPS 3, World Of Warcraft, and Minecraft. Have you played any of those games? What was your favorite thing you made with sewing? If you want to check out my blog it’s http://emilypvpa.edublogs.org/ .

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