Maniac Magee ” Legends Are Made Not Born”

maniac mageeHello and today will be talking to you about this book that I was reading and its called Maniac Magee. This book talks about a boy named Jeffrey Lionel Magee. Jeffrey Is twelve years old. Maniac was born in a house, a pretty ordinary house, right across the river in Bridgeport. He had a mother and a father , but not for long. His parents left him when he was very Young at the age of   three   and was an orphan. After his loss he went to his uncle and Aunts house. They lived in Holidaysburg, in the western part of Pennsylvania. Then Jeffrey ran away. Jeffrey wasnt a ordinairy kid. He was the first one to do a Frogball for an Inside the park home run bunt. Jeffrey scores forty nine touch downs when he plays football with the Continue reading

Valentine`s day

valentines dayHello and today I wanted to talk to you guys about Valentines day. In our school we are having a Valentines dance and its the 12th of February. For Valentines I already decorated my room with some decorations that I bough an d now my room look great! For Valentines day we usually go to my Italian grandmas house and either eat dinner there or lunch. Last year my mom gave me this really cute bag of jelly bean hearts that were cherry flavor and they were so good. Last year at school we were aloud bringing some sweets at school but now we are not aloud bringing junk food to school. All I am saying is that I love valentines because you get to spend time with your family and its a time to enjoy being together.


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Peanuts Movie

peanuts-movie-1Hello and today I will be talking to you about a movie that I saw which is called the Peanuts movie with Charlie Brown and Snoopy. This whole movie was about Charlie Browns life and that theres a new girl that’s in school and Charlie seems to like her. In the movie theres Snoopy that tries to help Charlie to ask the girl to the dance but every time Charlie tries to go and knock on the girls door he does it but them he starts running away so the little girl doesn’t notice.

In class that day Charlie did a test and just wrote 1,2,3,4 for every answer. There was also a another girl that forgot to write her name and so when the teacher told both of them  they didn’t look at the paper and Charlie wrote his name on the girls sheet and the girl wrote her name on Charlie browns sheet. The next day when Charlie came to school the whole school was confused. Charlie brown got 100%!… Well kind of…


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