Best and Worst Memories

myrtle beach south carolinaHi today I will be talking to you about something that I got inspired from Miss Hecker | USA  and though it was cool so here it is. So I have lots of memories actually we all do. Sometimes they are good but some are very bead. Here are some of my best and worst memories. So for my first best memories I went to a place in  South Carolina called Myrtle Beach. Why is this a memory? Because this became a memory when me and Skylar ran across the Beach in the Beautiful sunset. Now the reason why this became my favorite memory is because every time I look at a sunset out my window it kind of brings me back in time when we were there. Continue reading


Janaes blog picture that i have to useToday I will be making a Shout out about someone that I found out! Her name is Janae’s Blog.

Janae comes from the USA in LA. She is very quirky and She loves to do most things that I do. Example she loves to go camping, she loves the color purple and she loves to run just like me.  She loves to drink hot chocolate, well… not really she likes to pretend that its hot chocolate but it’s actually coffee and that comes from her Avatar that she did on her Blog. Continue reading

March Break Is Over…

cakeHi I’m back from March Break and I am missing my week at home. In march break my Italian grandma came every day of the week to keep me and so I can invite some friends. When I was with her we made a lot of desserts. We made pizelle , croissants filled with delicious Nutella and we made cupcakes and muffins. We pretty much did every thing only not a cake because I made my birthday cake with my sister. It looked so good and tasted so good. My birthday was on march 1st and not a lot of people wished me a happy birthday but for sure my parents wished me a happy birthday. Continue reading