My Last Post

gifSo i have realized that my school year is almost about to end so I wanted to write a few things that I have realized when I started all the way up till the end of my school year.

My blog started with the theme called fiore.I couldn’t really put anything as my background because it would just look weird. I changed it through out the school year because first I couldn’t see my widgets and anything like that. Now I think my blog represents me a lot more than before because of the background and all the widgets and just the style, I find its beautiful.

When I started my blog I though that it would look weird and that I wouldn’t know what to talk about. I was kind of copying others to find ideas of what to write about. When my English teacher told me about the freechoice posts and that is when my blog started to come alive. I started knowing that my blog wasn’t boring and that I was popular in the USA because a lot of students that are in the USA added me in their blogrolls and that just made me very happy because my effort for leaving a lot of comments started paying off and other students in my school started doing shout outs about me and I thought that was great and I was so happy that people started hearing my voice in my blog posts and that I wasn’t the only one working hard to try to get a lot of visitors.

I think this blog will help me in high school because I can get maybe famous so like that people in technology will start coming and seeing our blogs or maybe even teachers will come and see who I really am and not who they think I am. This will definitely help me. In a way I like responses and other things like that so that when I have a response to do I can do it without having any trouble.

This blog was a life changer because the people that I know have these voices that I have never heard before because they express themselves so much more that if I ask them questions and they answer it.

This blog helped me type faster and it made me see that there’s a whole new world behind technology and so I kind of made friends but like online friends on my blog that I think have this amazing voice while they are typing.

Some of my posts are not the best because I think that I got tired a bit of blogging because sometimes blogging can be very difficult because sometimes you don’t feel like typing or you don’t know what to write about. It can be very stressful when you do this because you can actually go on and on about your own blog!

The expectations vs reality on my blog is that I thought it would look super cute with full of amazing and interesting posts but reality is that my blog kind of is boring and at the end of the school year almost everybody doesn’t want to blog anymore and it’s only the people who like to blog that will.

Image Source: EmojiGIFS by Taylor Holland