Fashion Evolution Of Barbies

barbiesHave you ever been a big fan of Barbies before? Well I was and so today I’ll be talking about the fashion cense of all the Barbies!

Sometimes Barbies have really cool outfits and sometimes they don’t. the ones for Christmas always have big poufy dresses but what do you do with them after all? To you play with them or do you just leave them on the shelf? In the summer, Barbies have all the bathing suits but what about the people who don’t like the bikinis or people who don’t like to show off the belly because they are scared. Barbies always have their hair placed Continue reading

What is success to me ?!

successWhen I think of success the first thing that pops into my head is reaching a dream or having a great job. It makes me think of that because when someone is successful you have to work for it because you cant just find success. Success to me is a goal and mostly living my life to the fullest. People who are are not successful get bad grades and don’t work very hard. Also if you are not successful there’s no improvement or change that you have done in your life. Continue reading