A Charlie Brown Christmas

a charlie brown christmas bookFor this week’s book I chose a classic which is A Charlie Brown Christmas. What I love about this book is that if someone reads it to you, you can imagine it with all the details that is in that book. If you are not familiar with that book, it talks about a boy named Charlie Brown that thinks there’s always something wrong with him but there isn’t.

He goes through an adventure trying to find the perfect tree but instead he chooses the tiniest Christmas tree. Then all his friend realized that it was the count that matters and everyone decorated the Christmas tree and wished  Charlie Brown a merry Christmas.


Image Source: Goodreads  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1275105.A_Charlie_Brown_Christmas

Out Of My Mind By Shanon M. Draper

Out_of_My_Mind_novel_by_Sharon_Draper_book_coverI chose this book not only because of the amazing looking cover but because this book talks about a girl named Melody who is different from all the others. She cant talk. She cant walk and she cant write. When I read the summary  something absorbed me to read this book even more and that was when it said that Melody had a voice but not everyone around her is ready to hear.

That part made me want to read this book so badly. The reason why I did not choose the other books is because some of them I already read but the cover of this book was  very interesting. Sometimes when people say don’t judge a book by its cover for me I don’t judge people by there cover but I will judge a book by its cover.


Image Source: Wikipedia  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_My_Mind_(Draper_novel)

National Lampoon`s Christmas Vacation

NationalLampoonsChristmasVacationDo you have any Christmas movies that you watch every year? Well I do and it’s called: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This movie is very funny and great for the whole family! This movie is about a family of four that go thru unfortunate adventures but in a hilarious way. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is not a brand new movie since it came out in 1989.

There is two other movies that I watch every year and they are: The polar express and Rudolf the red nose reindeer. I just love ALL of these movies because they really bring joy, laughter and happiness to you!

If I had to pick which one is my favorite of them all, it has to be: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! I asked my sister and my brother what was their favorite movie and they says that it was the same one as me.

I think my favorite movie that I would watch every year when I was younger has to be Rudolf the red nose reindeer because who doesn’t like that movie. Whenever I see that movie it reminds me of when I was young and watched it every year. If you have a favorite Christmas movie what is it ? or if there is a movie that reminds you when you where young what is a movie that reminds you of your childhood?

Image Source: Wikipedia  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Lampoon%27s_Christmas_Vacation

Clancy`s Best Christmas

Clancy and her best Christmas picOnce upon a time one girl named Clancy was looking forward to Christmas. Her Christmas gift of all times was a dog. The problem was that Clancy’s mom hated everything about Christmas. She hated the lights and also hated putting up the Christmas tree. She just hated the whole idea of Christmas. Whenever Clancy would go to school every one would laugh at her except one. One day before going to bed, right in her window was big star that shined the sky. She called it the Christmas star because that star would come once a month and that month was December.

The next day at school Clancy made one friend who’s  name is Maya. Maya’s mom also hates the idea of Christmas. Clancy decited to make a sleep over with Maya so they can get to know each other. Clancy also wanted  to show Maya the Christmas star . Maya was thrilled. The next day was a snow day so the two friends thought that it would be a good idea to go see the animal shelter since both of their moms were working. They went and saw the cutest puppy and he was just 50$.

Went they came home the friends were thinking of a way to get a present without needing a Christmas tree. Suddenly  Maya came up with the idea of giving a Christmas letter to Santa [ by mail of course]. They then made a card telling the whole story and that they would want a dog for Christmas. A week later they’ve received a letter from Santa. Impatiently the girls ripped the card opened and saw this: “ thank you for that wonderful letter that you  made me last week. I will promise that you will get your dog this Christmas just if you believe”. The friends were so excited but they had to keep it a secret from their moms. And that very night the Christmas star came back. Clancy and Maya made their wish hoping their wishes will come true.

One Christmas eve Clancy and Maya made this weird looking tree with only branches glue and leaves. It didn’t look that great but it was a tree anyways and that tree meant a lot to the friends. On Christmas morning they opened their eyes and saw this huge present that was bigger that their Christmas tree! They really fast opened the gift and they saw the same dog at the animal shelter. They were so happy they where crying in tears. But suddenly Clancy’s mom opened the door and… to be continued.

Image Source: Destiny Online

A Simple Case Of Angels

simple case of angelsA simple case of angels is a great book and its very interesting. This book talks about a boy and a girl named Mackenzie and Nicola. Mackenzie when she is not at recess with Nicola she is drawing her beloved dog called June Bugs at the picnic table. What’s interesting about her dog is that she is always getting in trouble no matter what.

Both of them go through an adventure to stop June from doing things. First , June steals the neighbors turkey then yanks down the Christmas tree and finally destroys her moms almost finished giant cross word. Every on is in a bad mood after that accident.

In fact, they could all use some cheering up. It’s the holiday, and yet everyone seems to be cranky. Nobody has put up any lights, Nicola’s grade five teacher is very  grumpy, and Nicola’s big brother Jared stays holed up in front of the computer playing Inferno 2 which is just about shooting monsters.

Do you think that they will become in a better mood?

Image Source : http://www.fictiondb.com/author/caroline-adderson~a-simple-case-of-angels~872028~b.htm    Fictiondb